Will the Men In Black Cover Up More Alien Visits?

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Will the Men In Black Cover Up More Alien Visits

So what do you think of the subject of U.F.O.’s? Recently they may have really found some planets that show signs they could be habitable. Similar to Earth and the sun, these planets show the same gravitational pull and orbit with its star, as well as they show similar densities that created our ozone and environmental elements. These remarkable discoveries seem to fall on the heels of one of our oldest planetary telescopes coming to the end of its life cycles.

Many legendary people have been stating that they have had firsthand knowledge and dealings with extraterrestrial events, sightings, and many other events that can be linked to outer-world beings or E.T.’s. They have spoken on everything, just shy of little green men.

Although this kind of talk is nothing new, Buzz Aldrin (astronaut) has been making these claims forever. Renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking has made his life’s work devoted to showing theories and evidence to show we are not alone. Then we have Area 51 incidents that are known to everyone with even a possible interest in the unexplained and government conspiracies or cover-ups. The Area 51 incident has had hundreds of retired military or ex-military personnel and renowned scientists stating on deathbed confessions or just to go public with their accounts of U.F.O.’s and contacts with E.T.’s. The funny part about the stories and tales, they have been either so identical that they were labeled an elaborate hoax or have had extremely close similarities it is hard to deny that so many people could be wrong when it comes to Area 51.

Then you have this guy, Bob Lazar, who claims the government tried to make him nonexistent. He claims to have worked with these spaceships, touched them and studied how they fly. Labeled a flake by many in the world of extraterrestrial study, he has also been discredited among his peers in the science community because he had no definitive proof to back his claims.

Is it possible we may just find out that all of these bizarre and over the top claims just might have some truth to them? These are not your ordinary crackpots; many of these people have held high positions in the government or military for many years. As new information emerges it will be interesting to see how much the top-secret files show as to the unexplained accounts for some bizarre incidents that have no reasonable explanation and what the government used to convince themselves as no big deal. Will we find out they covered an existence of worldly beings to protect us? Or was it to protect the aliens from us?

For me, I find it would be closed minded and obtuse to think we are alone in the universe. I feel space holds many answers to life’s questions and that we have not even begun to actually seek the answers because we lack the technology to do so. Now the space program has gone privatized we may never know what is beyond what the Hubble telescope and what the space station can see or observe. The E.T.’s and outer worldly beings will have to come to us. Brings us back to the age-old question, if they do visit will the ”Men in Black” allow us to know about it?

I may not be into the ”The little green men named Gazoo,” but I do think there is enough legitimate testimony to make someone stop and ask, ”Hmm, is it possible?” So I would love to know what our readers think. Is there life beyond earth? And would you be willing to accept outer space visitors if they really did exist?

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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