When Two Plus Two Equals Two

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The 2nd amendment is under fire again.  It sounds funny when you really think about it.  Almost pun like when you realize the 2nd amendment involves possessing firearms.  However, when shootings with mass casualties occur involving schools, community centers, night clubs, and open-air concerts mainstream media delights in running with a weapon type narrative.  Most notably the assault weapon.  Which is the most commonly used vehicle to inflict massive damage on many targets?

Instead of blaming the person, MSM uses the individual to explain the reason/s why.  Causation is never explored adequately enough to find and secure an avenue of complete cessation.  There is almost always a cry of: ‘these things, (mass shootings) happen because of the easy access there is to these type of needless weapons’ from some politician wanting to ban semi-automatic assault-type rifles.  No rifles, no mass shootings.  Yea, right.  They just don’t get it.

Ok, let us ban the assault rifle.  A mass shooter will then utilize shotguns, hunting rifles, and semi-automatic handguns to administer just as much harm.  Take them away then?  Ok, fine.  Someone with this kind of malicious intent will use knives, swords, chain-saws, or even themselves.  That’s right.  A trained person can take out many individuals with his hands and feet alone.  Are you going to ban him, or her?  Come on society.  It is unreasonable to think an assault rifle ban will remedy mass shootings.

It is not for legislators to decide what I may own.  It is none of their business why I have it.  No one has the right to tell me I don’t need an assault rifle.  My needs are not their concern.  Liberal Democrats are scared of the second amendment because they know what it really means.

The 2nd amendment doesn’t just afford me the right to have firearms, but it also dictates why I need them.  For sustenance, protection of self & property, and defense of our country.  From all enemies foreign and domestic.  Let me define the domestic enemy.

Domestic enemy is not someone breaking into your home, but you treat them as such.  No, the domestic enemy here folks in our own government.

This is where 2 plus 2 equals 2.  I will use the second amendment-2 to protect it-2 so that I may secure it-2.

Our forefathers designed our 2nd amendment to allow the private citizens to have weapons in the event our government tries to hurt its own people.  Remember, when a country’s people is larger than the government, you have liberty.  It is when you have a government larger than its people where tyranny thrives.

The second amendment is to truly ensure that not only are we to have weapons, but to use them in defense against anyone who tries to confiscate them.  I am responsible for my own safety and my families safety as well.  I don’t need law enforcement’s help.  I am adequately armed for any public or home contingency.  Besides, with law enforcement’s response times my threat will already have been subdued.  Guaranteed.

Causation.  Not suppression.  Leave the 2nd amendment alone.  Oh, and if you are thinking about confiscating my firearms be advised.  You will be met with heavy and severe resistance from ‘my’ assault weapon.  Which I legally own.  And I won’t be alone for there will be a militia of like-minded, patriotically filled protectors of the 2nd. amendment with me.  Cold dead hands.  Thank you, Mr. Heston.


Jeff Payne
blogger, activist, gun owner

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