Trump And Kushner Ignore Security Clearance

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It dawned on me that the mainstream press has not realized yet that the President and his son-in-law are ignoring this whole security clearance thing. I hate to break it to the press, but Kushner is still meeting with heads of state. Even Trump supporters should understand what is going on here. This is nepotism on turbo speed and the hell with the law, the law seems to be the last thing on their mind.

I mean, I get it, there are norms being broken all the time with this presidency. I apperceive the man is a disruptor, but security clearances are somewhat of an important thing, is it not? Rumor had it that Steve Bannon said that Jared was a cuckold, however, he is not politically submissive. In fact, he is in your face with having his hands in everything. Clearly, there is nothing in his background that says he is qualified to do any of this. But there he is anyway, neck deep in a geopolitical orgy of vast subject matters. Yet, he doesn’t have the proper security clearance.

It is fun to watch how the mainstream media is missing so many important stories. But, I’m one who does not believe that they are missing anything by accident. I believe they are an arm of the Democrat Party and in the role, they miss the forest amongst the trees. This is a perfect example. Jared Kushner and his father-in-law are flat out ignoring this security clearance scenario. They are at there in broad daylight doing this, yet the press has not caught on yet.

Imagine if Clinton won the election and was doing this with Chelsea. Fox News and talk radio would be on a warpath. Yet crickets from the right on this subject. This is a mistake for Republicans and it will come back to bite them tenfold. But what do I know? I’m just a blogger. Well, I know President Trump and Jared Kushner are ignoring the security clearance requirements. That I know.

C. Rich
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