There Could Be Peace in the Middle East and Still Silence

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Yes, there could be a call for peace in the Middle East and the mainstream media would be silent. I know, I know… President Trump is an evil, misogynistic, egotistical, pathological liar… but the truth is that he’s actually getting things done in Washington. Did I vote for Trump because I thought he’d be a great politician and knew all the right things to say at just the right moment? Did I vote for Trump because I thought he’d unify our nation through emotional pleas and beers in the backyard? No. I voted for Donald J. Trump because I wanted something different in the White House. I wanted REAL change and I certainly didn’t want another Clinton!

Our president is not a politician. He says the wrong things…. or let me rephrase that… he says the first thing that pops into his head. Now, I am the furthest from politically correct, but I do know when to say certain things and when not to. However, I’m Gen-X and he’s a Boomer. You don’t think that matters? BAH! I watch my parents. I talk with them about politics all the time. In fact, before I went for Trump, I thought Bernie would be a great president and my dad suggested that I should just go join ISIS if that’s my political view. LOL Dads! Anyway, on his next birthday he received a custom t-shirt that said, “My daughter is a commie socialist and all I got was this t-shirt.” I know how to silence him! (of course he made sure the next time he went down to AmVets, he had the shirt on!)

Anyway, Boomer dads, like Trump, tend to go off on the weirdest thoughts and ideas. They say what they think without any filters. Now, I can absolutely see where their thoughts come from and have had many of the same thoughts in a passing moment. However, I don’t act on them. I don’t speak them out loud. I don’t share them with The Press. This allows me to change that thought into something more workable… more acceptable. Our president tends to throw those thoughts out there without a pause and then the mainstream media takes off running.

Last night at 7pm Eastern, I watched a press conference that went into detail on how our President Donald J. Trump was the catalyst to the possible denuclearization of North Korea. As I sat on my couch with my husband and watched this unfold, all I could do was turn to him and say this feels like a, “Reagan telling Gorbachev to ‘tear down this wall'” moment. Will Kim actually denuclearize? Will our president actually sit down with him? Will we finally put the threat of North Korea behind us? Well, you’d never know it if you watched CNN or MSNBC.

I know our president isn’t the perfect guy. I know he has a ton of faults, just like everyone else on this planet, BTW. I know that ever since he was elected, things have been getting done in the White House at breakneck speed. If you’re not a Fox News fan, that’s okay. I get annoyed with a few of their commentators, myself. But you can’t bury your head in the CNN/MSNBC sand! If all you watch is one news station, then you’re only getting a third of the news. I bet there are folks walking around today that don’t even know this happened with NoKo! It’s time to bounce, people. Spend your news watching time bouncing between the three channels. Find out stuff about our country and the world that you didn’t even know. Hey… you might even realize that we aren’t all that different from each other.

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