The Mental Condition Of Ideology

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I don’t care what side of the political ideological fence you fall on. If you drink any of that poison, you are going to die a slow death of ignorance. These people moronically suffer the death of their brain with ideology. All you have to do is just spend a day switching back and forth between MSNBC and FOX News and you can see this thinking and behavior is a mental condition.

The American Psychiatric Association should make this condition an official disease and seek some kind of cure. Our country is being pulled apart by the nuts from both sides. Pull one lever and the party will bankrupt this nation with tax cuts from borrowed money from China and endless wars; pull the other lever and they will bankrupt our nation with an endless government.

That is our choice each election. Faith, help us all. They call this a choice, a two-party system? Seems to me, whichever lever you pull, the end result is the same. Bankruptcy for all should be both of their slogans. Where on Earth are the sensible people? Where, under this gray sky, are the pragmatics? Each side surrendering to this insane medical condition happens to believe they are so right down to their very bones. Not too long ago one side turned their head to anti-masturbating witches, while the other side will turn their heads to the very nuts that defend two million dollars for highway turtle crossings.

This country is in the grasp of crazy people and those of us in the middle need to speak out against all of them. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest has turn into one flew over the litmus test. They are telling you that if you don’t believe in this or that, from whatever side, that you are the nutty one. You must believe in this or that or you’re not a progressive or you’re not a conservative. These broken people have news networks, newspapers and are all over your TV.

If you are a thinking person today who does not suffer from this mental condition of ideology, then you are amazed each election, our choice is what flavor of bankruptcy do you prefer. Do we land in the cuckoo’s nest on the left branch of the tree? Do we land in the cuckoo’s nest on the right side of the tree? Well, I say we cut down this rotting tree down and put it into a wood chipper. Consider the voting booth next time as your wood chipper and vote accordingly.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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