Is the NRA the Next KKK?

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Watching the March For Our Lives gathering last weekend a thought came to me. We witnessed an entire generation turn their backs on the NRA. I thought those three letters would one day be as offensive as the KKK when someone looks at it. Today, the NRA or its members probably could care less, but in a generation, the NRA could be wiped out.

I’m sure the NRA will always be around in some shape or form. However, it will never return to the power it once had. The process has already begun. Young people en masse are going after the NRA and any politician that takes their money. Politicians will be wiped out starting this November when all of these eighteen and nineteen-year-olds vote their intentions at the ballot box this year.

I am one that believes the NRA stopped being for their members and really became an arm of the gun manufacturers. Similar to the unions, the NRA takes the member’s fees and does all sort of things in their name. The NRA’s positions have become more and more extreme. Their actions do not match the intentions of its members. There seems to be no limit to what kind of gun the public should be able to own. The NRA is now lead by extremists.

Regardless of what we old people think, the NRA will be as toxic as the KKK when these young people are done with them. In the future, I believe, that nobody will publicly say that they are a member of the NRA any more than one would say openly that they are with the KKK. It is all about branding and those three letters, KKK, could one day have another three letter friend to hang out with, in the ash-bin of history. Their new buddy just might be the NRA.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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