Echoes From The Political Middle

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Just checking in to see what condition our condition is in. The word that comes to mind is “broken” and nothing could be more than the truth. Broken is the connection between our government and the people. In my lifetime I have never seen such a disconnect between Washington and the rest of America. There has always been a disconnect. There was, however, an embryological belief of checks and balances, that existed at the voting booth in the minds of politicians. That is gone now. Somehow the cord has been cut and there seems to be no care in the world about the will of the people. They simply don’t care what you think or want. They are willing to give up control of Congress on any given mid-term election just to ram their things through. They know it will be a bloodbath in the midterm elections, yet they still push on. It is almost like they consider it the cost of doing business.

I don’t care what your TV tells you or what fantasy world the people in their Wall Street/Capitol Hill bubble believe, they are missing this. On the streets of America lay the angriest feeling in the air that you can cut with a knife. People on both sides now have been lied to by their government. First, the Republicans politically raped the right, when for years they went around talking about small government. The Republican Party expanded government faster than Pat Buchanan’s erection when Sarah Palin walks in the room. The money they spent and the path to bankruptcy we were put on, constituted an ideological treason for millions of voters.

The Left said, “Look the right lied; they grew government.” Give us a chance and we will bring hope and change. Then, the country out of total disgust and with a self-imposed political suicide puts the Democrat Party in complete and total control of all of government. This laid the groundwork for the decapitation or beheading of the government and the people. Just think about it for a moment. The Democrats went around for decades talking about universal health care. It was the very definition of who they were and what they said they would do if given the power, but they never did it when they had the power.

Did you ever think for a moment it would be the Democrat Party that would fill the bank accounts of corporations from the health insurance industry to the smoked-filled rooms of Wall Street? But that is what they did with Obamacare. The Republicans get the power by promising to repeal Obamacare and when they got the power, they wouldn’t do it. Your government has now committed ideological treason on and from both sides of the ideological spectrum. They have created the aspirational killing fields among the voters and have laid waste to their intentions.

Now that both parties have lied to us, the last party that lied to us tells us they are sorry and if given the chance will make this all better. People just don’t believe these Chicken Little’s anymore and the sky has already fallen. This is why there is so much anger out there. The press can mischaracterize this all they want. In the meanwhile, I’ve never seen so many people stocking up on guns and ammunition in my life. I’ve never heard so many people talk about a revolution. I’ve never seen a man stand up in the middle of a presidential speech, point at the president and yell “You lie!” Look how openly we call President Trump a racist and heavens knows what else. The run on ammunition and the cryptic language that is creeping up all around us is real and it is headed somewhere.

I want to be a voice that helps pull us back from the abyss. I always felt that the revolution that is needed should be only at the ballot box in times like this. I’ve felt, we didn’t need term limits because we have the vote and that is all the term limit power we need. Now due to the monolithic application of the true governing of these two parties, I must say we need more than the voting booth. We need more choices. We need more leaders to pick from. we need term limits.

Let those of us, such as myself, who detest violence and fear the impact of civil unrest come up with some ideas like I’ve put forth here. We need to change the direction in which we are headed. In conclusion, when I check to see what condition our condition is in. I find this:

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you!!

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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