Arm the Teachers? REALLY!

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Is arming teachers really the only solution to gun control and keeping our children safe in school? While we are at it, we better castrate every priest when they take the vows, glue a nun’s legs closed and make chastity belts mandatory for girls under 18 to prevent teenage pregnancies.

As a mother, I feel the pain of anxiety when you drop your children off at school and the anticipation for them to return home safely. I am more scared of the number of guns that will be present in schools if we arm our teachers than I am of a school shooter. Arming teachers is opening a much bigger box of chaos than can be imagined.

Imagine you get just one “Nervous Nelly” and he/she sees your son enter the school with a large duffle bag because he/she must catch a bus to hockey practice when your too busy to drive him/her. The teacher pulls out a gun, points it at your son or daughters head and makes them lay face down until the bag can be checked. Imagine the traumatized impact that would have on a child. Take our gym teachers, they come onto the court with a gun on the hip, go to show how to dribble a ball or make a basket and as he jumps to make the ring shot, the gun goes off accidentally, kids hit the floor or trample each other vacating the gymnasium, and in the mass panic a child dies from being trampled. Yet if the gym teacher leaves the gun behind and in a panic to get class, forgets to lock it away, it takes one damn kid to pick the gun up just to see what it feels like and accidentally shoots his best friend/brother/sister/himself or even the teacher.

Take the cafeteria worker who puts up with that school bully every day, right now they tell them to piss off, walk away, take 10 for themselves comes back and continues to serve the students. Then one day they just snap, have access to a gun and decide they would rid the world of a bully and that child is your son/daughter, and you never knew he or she was a bully in the first place. A prime example of “going postal”. We all have a point of no return and pressure points that set us off. it is worse if we are given the tools to act on them.

Now imagine a school shooter enters the building, he is there knowing he will not come out of it alive, do you really think seeing a teacher armed will be a deterrent? By the time the teacher gets the safety off 6 kids and that teacher is dead. A student decides to be a hero and grabs the teachers gun, 10 other teachers enter the classroom and open fire because he’s the one holding the gun?

Or a reincarnation of the O.K. Corral happens; shooter and teachers square off, how many innocent children die in the crossfire? Do we call it a tragedy or collateral damage?

I think money would be better spent on metal detectors at every door, upgraded alarm systems and officers posted at each school would be a hell of a lot safer.

Think it through people before the act of a few make us stupid and cause more damage than good. Our children’s lives are in danger because of stupidity and fear.

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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