Stop Messing With History!

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Back again on the topic of history. Poland has decided to pass a law stating that Poland should not be held accountable for things that happened during the holocaust. They claim Poland did not have death camps; the Germans did. Well sorry to say, but yes they did. Poland was part of occupied Germany and death camps ran out of Poland as well as other countries, and like all occupied lands, some of the natives participated in the mass genocides and atrocities that happened during the times of war. Passing some law does not change the history that transpired nor does it erase the fact that a person might be a descendant of someone who participated or fell victim to it.

History, good or bad, is what shapes the world. There is not one country on earth that can honestly say they are not responsible for good and bad things from the past that did not build and mold them into the future. We as human have the ability to learn from our mistakes, rectify them and work towards not letting the bad happen again. Without mistakes, you can not move forward and without history, you can not teach or advance.

I understand that generations should not be held accountable for actions they did not commit themselves, but they do have to accept the fact that it happened. The only way to ever move past the sins of our fathers is to make sure it does not happen again and do better. By making laws of deniability you are only invoking the problems you are trying to forget or move on from. It invokes feelings of anger and disdain. Feelings of hatred and an unforgiving nature among the masses. It is well known and not just in religions, that it is easier to forgive those who admit the sins than those who deny them.

The United States is doing the same by removing history. The removal of statues, plaques, and other historical figures, only says “We are ashamed therefore we will deny”.

Imagine if everyone decided that the seven wonders of the world represented a person, event or country that had blood on its hands or a past event that stained their good name. The world would be a dull place to visit or vacation. Who wants to see a crumbled mountain where Mount Rushmore once stood, or a pile of old metal beams where the Eiffel tower once was, an empty island in darkness because the statue of liberty had her lights snuffed out. The great pyramids replaced with barren sands.

I would rather live in a world with history, then in a world that lives in denial.

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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