Portrait Of An American Male

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Portrait Of An American Male

Any cursory view of modern TV or commercials and one can’t help but notice that somehow the image of The American Male has been changed quite dramatically. When I grew up, the stereotypes and typecasting were altogether very different.

Mostly the women were betrayed as barefoot and pregnant, we hadn’t evolved yet with the sexes. Fast forward a couple of decades and the American male has been shaped as the stupid guy who can’t get anything right in a commercial or they are betrayed as some weak suck in a TV show with some dominating woman towering over them. They are berated and women are the ones pointing out how stupid they are most of the time.

The politically correct crowds who see themselves portrayed on television as something short of their ideal image got their revenge and have turned the tables on the guys. However, men, in general, won’t claim victim status on this and the image has gone beyond some TV skit and has crept into the true America male and his behavior.

Personally, I am very disturbed to see how many vagina-whipped men there truly are in America nowadays. I personally know an alarming amount of men who have surrendered their testicles and spines to way too many women. I’m not talking about the guys who meet their spouses halfway in some Utopian realm of compromise. I’m talking about the countless men out there that have abdicated all reminiscence of manhood. We see these men everywhere.

I know many of them and even in the supermarket, I see these spineless jellyfishes cower to their wives in front of their own children. I believe, in the long run, this will have many negative side effects to our society and will one day leave us a weaker nation.

I remember the TV commercial where the woman sang a song about bringing home the bacon and frying it up in the pan. Now they crack the pan over the heads of the men. The percentage of women being the abuser in domestic violence cases has skyrocketed and statistics show that men are growing even weaker and the judicial system has not kept up with this changing trend.

Children are being raised to believe that daddy is the numbskull in all things important and the men are molding themselves to this new image. It is time American men hit the reset button and remember that ultimately they are the King of The Castle and protector of a nation and all our families.

This weakness must come to an end and it is time to grow a set. If this keeps up, there will be a new industry born of dresses made for men. If this keeps up, all the little girls of the country will end up marrying someone just like daddy and the cycle will have no end.

Men, it is time for an introspective declaration in this country; it is time to take an honest look in the mirror. Put down your face cream and please just take a look at yourself. It is time to stand up when you pee at home. Splatter be damned. You are the man! Put down that blow dryer and hairspray. Get a hold of yourselves, men. Stop shaving every bit of hair off your body in some insane effort to please this insane society demand.

You are a man, damn it, start acting like it! There is no reason on Earth you should be caught in a store called Bed, Bath & Beyond! Get a hold of yourself, my brother! For me, I got to go now, my wife is calling me.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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