The Plan: 25/25 Solution To Mass Shootings

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The Plan: 25/25 Solution To Mass Shootings

Every single problem that this nation has does have a solution. Let me say that again because I’m tired of people acting otherwise. There is not a single problem America has that cannot be solved. Every man-made problem has a man-made solution, despite what you are being told. So how do we solve this escalating problem of mass shootings? Well, we do a combination of things. It has to be a plan that pisses everyone off because they all do not get everything they want. This notion of the perfect getting in the way of the good has to end now.

The first thing we are going to do is demilitarize law enforcement in this nation. The police must go first and stop acting like they need to look or be like the military. In fact, it could be the police that really started this. Through the second amendment, we are told by our founders that we need to bear arms to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government. All you have to do is look at the police departments across the nation and see all of the military equipment they have and use, including tanks. If you don’t think we have a problem here, go back and look at some pictures of the Boston Bombings. I am Generation X, that is not the police department we grew up with.

If law enforcement does not disarm first, nobody will give up their AR-57s and that is just a fact. The police need to lay down their semi-automatic weapons and go back to the guns they used for many decades before the military escalation that took hold and completely changed the nature of what freedom felt like in America. Now if they agree to disarm, then we need to make semi-automatics of all kinds illegal in this nation. We get to keep our six-shooters, rifles, and shotguns. You know, the way you used to be. We do this by having a government buyback. They have us turn in our military-style weapons for a market price. In this law, anyone caught with those weapons after the buyback must do 25 years in federal prison. We also give out a $25,000 reward to anyone turning in someone we know still has these murderous firearms and things like bump stocks. I call it the 25/25 Plan. Similar to what Australia did, but kicking it up a notch to really clean this all up and also allow us to bear arms.

As far as our schools, it is simple; we secure them. This is America; we can secure any building in this country. We do it in courtrooms and hospitals and we can do it for schools. That means budget and pay for professional armed security in every school. We need metal detectors in every single school and we don’t need to arm teachers, just let them teach and let the security experts defend our children. We protect our assets and our asses which are in fact our children and ourselves. We need to toughen up other soft targets as well; this nation can defend itself and its kids.

Next, in our new law, we open up 2500 mental health facilities across the nation. Yes, we closed all of the state mental hospitals because of bad behavior and abuse from the staff many years ago. However, with today technology and cameras, that would never happen again, so let’s reopen the state mental hospitals. In our law, we close the gun show and internet loopholes and beef up background checks. Last but not least, we ban law enforcement permanently that they can never look like an army on our streets ever again. All of this would go a long way making things better.

Now you do not have to send me any damn emails telling me about your right to semi-automatic weapons. I don’t want you or the cops to have them. It is time to go back to the way it was. If we need the military on the streets of America, we will call in the National Guard. I am putting forth this solution as a supporter of the 2nd Amendment and a person who has hunted and been around guns my whole life. If you agree with the 25/25 Plan, even though it doesn’t solve everything, well then pass this blog around to as many people as you can. We can do this together. In the words of Kevin Costner playing Wyatt Earp, “It all ends now!!!!!”

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet


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