Nothing Wrong With A Military Parade People

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Nothing Wrong With A Military Parade People

The haters do hate, don’t they? If President Trump said he loved apple pie, there would be people boycotting that American staple. It has really become too much. Any and every chance the haters get, they show their fangs for our president and the people who support him. Just the way they say the phrase “His base” illustrates their indefatigable animosity.

I have certainly had my issues with President Trump. I was once his biggest supporter but grew tired of his childish behavior and his sway from the populist movement he ran on. But the press and the haters force me right back into Trump’s camp. I cannot stand for how unfair they all are to him. I can’t side with the odious and harmful lies his haters tell themselves. Their protest of a military parade is case in point. How the Hell is that a bad thing to celebrate our military with a parade? That is how sick things have gotten.

Imagine how happy they would be if Obama called for it. Have they forgotten how militaristic their Democrat Nominee for President was when it came to John Kerry’s presidential campaign? It was OK to like the military then if you were on the left. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. It is sickening and grotesque to view. Their hate thunders out all across the mainstream media saturating the American landscape and blaring out amongst the usual suspects and their platforms.

What they are saying now is, if we had a big bold military parade down Pennsylvania Ave., that we would be like North Korea or Russia. That, my friends, is utter bullshit. Several American Presidents had this kind of parade, George H.W. Bush being the last one to do it. There is nothing wrong with it and after sixteen years of endless war in the Middle East, the parade might be overdue.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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