Judicial Branch Wild And Crazed

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The Judicial Branch in this nation has become wild and crazed. Somehow it has forgotten that they are a different branch of government. As of late, they are operating believing they are the Executive Branch. To be more to the point, they must think they are the Commander in Chief. Well, they sure are acting like it. Every time President Trump does anything, some judge steps in and stops it. It is now time to judge the judges.

We have watched, since the Obama presidency, the Democrat Party weaponize and politicize the IRS, the State Department, the FBI, the Press and now the courts. The Democrat Party has become a coastal party of elites and when they cannot win an election they use career bureaucrats and appointed judges, all who answer to no-one, to advance the progressive or liberal agenda from the left. It is a very sneaky thing to do. It is also very dangerous to the Democratic Republic.

I sat down the other day and watched the premiere of the new TV show called Life, Liberty & Levin. I watched Mark Levin talk to Walter Williams about what kind of government do we actually have. It was a fascinating discussion because we are no longer what the founders built or had in mind. So many things have changed and with the invasion of money, corporate lobbying and many other influencers, we really are not any true form of government that exists today. We are pieces and parts of other forms of government. We’re like a hybrid or Frankenstein form of government on the path to tyranny. Now that might sound hyperbolic or conspiratorial, but I think an argument can, in fact, be made to justify that claim.

Look, I really and truly do not believe the press, law enforcement, the FBI, the Justice Department, academia and you name it. I have lost trust in all of them and all of it. Now I have to lose trust in the judges? Have I to guard against the activism bleeding into our culture from the bench? Have I to be standing post to protect against liberalism hiding under dark robes? I do not see how we can go on like this. There is obviously two Americas and two thoughts of how we should operate as a country. If the west coast of this nation is not a separate country then you’re not paying attention. This union of the states is falling apart. I think we should let it fall apart. I think we should find some legal and peaceful way to redraw the lines of what we call our country. In fact, I would go a step further and say each state should be their own nation. No more centralized government trying to hold a group of people together that can’t stand each other.

Now that the politics have spilled out from the bench in such a fantastical way, there is nothing left to hold on to. I have no respect anymore for the Judicial Branch and only look upon judges now with disdain and suspicion. Those black robes they wear are symbols to me, no different than the Confederate Flag, a Swastika Sticker or the Hammer and Sickle. When it gets to that point, it is time to call it quits. The whole thing has become wild and crazed if you ask me. Let the president do his job!

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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