Guns Are Here To Stay – What Are We Going To Do With It?

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Since the beginning of the 9th century when black powder was discovered, it was inevitable that bigger, stronger and more accessible weapons and guns would become part of everyday life. We have to stop kidding ourselves by thinking it is possible to get the guns and face the fact that guns are here to stay and no amount of arguing, bickering or laws will remove them from existence. The raw truth of it is that if someone wants a gun bad enough, they will obtain one through legal or illegal means.

This does not mean to give up the fight to curb the problem, but it is time to redirect the time, effort and funds in a more proficient and probable solution. It is time to stop going after the NRA and start having them work with the groups to prevent just anyone being able to obtain firearms. One thing the NRA knows about is every subsection, sub-subsection and fine print of the 2nd amendment right. Like any other groups, they do not condone those who go against what they stand for. They are just as outraged when school shooters take lives or when a psychotic person commits atrocities as what happened in Las Vegas or Waco, Texas.

It is time to work with them to come up with a stronger gun control method that works for everyone. As I have stated in many past articles, it is time to make a mandatory federal law that requires anyone who wishes to obtain a firearm of any kind must take a firearms course in proper use, cleaning and safety. As well as pass an extensive physiological exam. In order for it to work, it has to be accepted and implemented in all of America. One which also includes the gun shows, private dealers or private sellers to adhere to as if they were a big chain store. If the government can do it with social insurance cards, it would not be hard to pull out a Firearms Acquisition card when purchasing a firearm or bullets. If you want the right to carry a firearm then you should have no problem obtaining the firearm legally.

As for the internet sales, there is not much we can do if it is from foreign countries, but we can increase the fight against those who buy them off the net. A mandatory jail sentence and a hefty fine to anyone who obtains a weapon and does not hold the proper firearms training card or paperwork to accompany the purchase. More resources into shutting down those sites who sell the illegal firearms that are not on the allowed firearms weapon list. More funding for the task forces that are doing their best to get and stop the illegal import and export sales of weapons. Implement a stronger cyber task force directed towards gun control.

People themselves need to be more vigilant in reporting any suspicious or illegal sales taking place. It is OK to be wrong, but it is not OK to stand by and let it happen. There are changes to be made, but they only can be made by working together and not against each other. We all need to find a way to make it work for everyone. “Getting the guns” is no longer an option.

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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