Trump: Let The Builder Build

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After nearly a year of wasting time on a failed attempt to redo healthcare, the Congress needs to let the builder build. America elected this man in part because he said he would rebuild our nation’s infrastructure. 2018 is the time to let the builder loose. That’s right, let’s start fixing all of the decaying infrastructures that have been left to rot by the Baby Boomer Generation.

Paul Ryan and the usual suspects told President Trump that he needed to start out with healthcare for parliamentary reasons. Then the Republican Party came up with one of the evilest bills in a generation to replace Obamacare. The nation rejected it and the whole thing failed. This wasted almost an entire year when we could have been rebuilding the nation.

So much of our country is crumbling right in front of our eyes. Our electrical grid is antiquated. Our bridges are not safe and there is no shortage of stuff that needs our attention. President Trump is the man for this job. Let’s not get in his way. For decades the Baby Boomer Generation has sucked our nation’s resources dry while leaving behind a crumbling nation. They just simply left our infrastructure in a stage of neglect and indefatigable decay.

A subject like this should be bipartisan, but who knows whether or not the Democrats will play ball. Their unending hatred for President Trump will probably blind them to the fact that this is something they have always wanted. The Republicans have their own group within that will demand we pay for it somehow without increasing the debt. They will ignore that growth will, in the end, pay for it all and more. Those same voices never seem to worry about debt when it comes to funding their war machine or bailing out some Banksters or corporations. They will be the loudest voices against rebuilding our nation.

Somehow, some way, we have to overcome this dysfunctional political milieu and makes our roads and bridges safe again. We need to build a high-speed rail system that connects our union for the 21st Century. There are so many things we need to fix from our airports to connecting the rural areas of our nation to the internet. We invented the internet, yet, there are over twenty countries that have a better service and much faster speed. This is a collective shame on all of us. We need to start catching up again with the rest of the world. So the mantra for 2018 should be, “Let the builder build!”

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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