We Need A Secession Movement In This Nation

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This country is going to go bankrupt and collapse just like The Soviet Union. The government has grown so big that it is time to consider breaking up this country into little small countries in a legal way. Why try to hold on to this nation when there is no future for it? The crazies are in charge now.

Watching the left-right debate over the last couple of decades has shown me that we will never get along. There are people who just have a completely different idea of what this nation should be. Why fight anymore about it? Let us just bust this nation up into little countries and let everyone go their separate ways. We should voluntarily vote to make each state a country and move to whichever new country fits our own ideas of what a nation should be and how it should be run.

We are different countries already. Just think about it. How many of us even have the same values or experiences in life? What does a person, who lives on the beach in Florida, have anything to do with some guy running around some cornfield in Iowa? Even within some states we have nothing in common. People in Southern California have a different life completely than the people who live in Northern California. We simply cannot afford to keep this union together.

Why do we have to wait for bankruptcy to force this upon us like the Soviets? Why not cut it off before the collapse, voluntarily, and just start from scratch? Each state should be their own country and we should draw new borders for some states that are way too big like Texas, California and Florida. We need a secession movement in this nation and thinking people need to consider this idea.

It is my contention that this nation will never survive economically and that we shouldn’t even try. I believe each state should be a new country free to start over and have any form of government the people of that area want. If we do this peacefully, we will all still be friends and trade with one another. It is time to think about our future and this idea should be on the table.

I am sick of Washington DC wasting our money and watching them burn our tax money. Both sides put us where we are today. Let us legally and voluntarily break up the union and all go our separate ways. Why should I have to support with my tax money some rich guy taking social security checks in the woods of Minnesota? I have nothing in common with that man living up there. I care less about some slob running around in the desert of Arizona.

I would gladly help the people of my area living the same kind of life experiences in Florida. I have little in common with the people of Montana and I no longer want to pay for California’s economic experimentations. We should all go our separate ways. It is only Washington DC holding us together so they can collect all of the tax money to run their empire. I, for one, am tired of all of it.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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