Ideology The New Heroin

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Everyone defines themselves through one ideology or another. Each, like religion, holds a corner in some of our souls where we say our way is the true way. We are right. Ideologues say that our way is the only way and all else is wrong. Ideologues have their talking points and their core beliefs. Any evolution of ideology somehow becomes contrary to their self-image. It becomes some betrayal of everything they believe and somehow they would lose themselves. If they allowed a progression of their ideas, the movement of knowledge would seem like an assault.

I was once one of them. Ideology is static and not fluid. If it were fluid and were allowed to grow, somehow the growth itself would be a betrayal of who they are. How many times have we all seen someone believe in something that was so clearly wrong and proven wrong, yet they can’t let go or see the truth? It is very similar to the drug heroin.

Denial is part of their genetic makeup. Even if the opposite of their ideology is completely and undeniably right. They cannot see it. Maybe I should start a twelve-step program to address people suffering from ideology. Do you think they would show up to the meetings? They say the first step is to admit there is a problem. A pop culture way to look at it or say it would be, “Houston there is a problem” and ask these cornered souls to just open up to the possibility that there could be another way. They would tell you that they are traditionalists and that some things are not subject to change, that some things are timeless and can never be altered like the Bible or the Constitution. I would say “horse shit” and any other word you might want to inject here. I would say give me “one” example of an unchangeable axiom and I will show you change in that thought process.

Give me just one. Only one and I will take it apart. So what are you thinking right now, C. Rich, there are many things that don’t change! Here is my example. Here is the truth, my dear reader. No one can give me an example that I cannot show a change. The reason is life is a never-ending changing process that is fluid and not static. There are “no” exceptions. That means the way you feel today is not the way you will feel years from now or how people like you thought years ago.

I am asking you to simply give me an example of your ideology that has been unchangeable through time. If I can prove that this does not exist, will you now concede that the way you think about something today is not true or at least subject to another opinion and reality? This article will be on my site until the day I leave this Earth and beyond. You have that amount of time to prove me wrong. What is needed here is everyone to drop their so-called ideology and look at what is best for Americans today and now.

I would like to put out the thought that the drug heroin has similar characteristics to people suffering from ideology and I’m not sure there is a discernible difference. When everything is said and done, these two groups are unquestionably alike. At least in their thought process. They are always looking for a reason to justify. They are always looking for their fix. They are hooked and can see or feel no other way.

They both are addicts and both of their lives will suffer from it. Understand this, the reality of the moment or time will never be their bedfellow. To put it nicely, they are simply disconnected from reality and not a soul on Earth could ever reach them or make them see this.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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