Disclosure: Can You Feel It Coming?

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In your lifetime have you ever felt such negativity about the whole world? Have you ever seen so many people talking about how bad things are on Planet Earth? Sure, in the past, the world has probably had this sullen vibe, but has it ever happened to those of us alive today?

I’m not talking about some half glass full of pessimistic hubbub, but rather real and tangible doom in the air that lingers and covers our life on this planet. Earthquakes, horrific weather events, pestilent like bed bugs. How about antibiotic-resistant strands of MRSA? Terrorism, world bankruptcy, and mass pollution destroying our air and water? Oil Spills, food chain problems and lack of any leaders with any solutions, are just a few more things to add to the list. I could go on and on.

Humanity and our relationship to this planet and human history are all being strained. Almost all what we know about, who we are, and where we came from, are as unknown as for where we and all of this is heading. Science has been wrong about so many things from how many planets are in the Milky Way, astrological signs we have or how long humans have even been here. Medicine seems as archaic as the 1800s when we look at how we treat cancer with the poison chemo, while we still have not gotten ahold of what cancer really is. It is all just one step above covering each other with leaches. An apple a day used to keep the doctor away and now the skins give you cancer.

We have not cured a single virus on Earth and our medical treatment is limited to killing these diseases, by nearly killing the human being suffering from it. Viruses evolve and mutate quicker than the medical community can keep up. World politics has reached an Everest Summit of larceny and chicanery. Corporations crush the planet and its inhabitants while squeezing every last dollar of profit out of it. Free markets, democracies, and government, in general, have all failed us.

It feels like it is all going to collapse. Now from that destruction, something new is coming. We are on the edge of a prolegomenous link to a new conscientiousness. All the old will fade away. All that we knew to be true, will be revealed wrong. Something new is coming. You can just feel it in the air. It will be in our lifetime and it has already started and been put into motion. We are not alone. Do you feel it?

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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