The Baby Boomer Lies

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After politicians, for decades, have spent all of the money in Social Security, Paul Ryan now wants to raise the age of eligibility so you’ll die before you get it. It is that simple. Walk with me through a mouse maze of misinformation and lies.

They have spent years telling you the program was no good. They told you it is bankrupting the nation. Of course, they omitted that there would have been nothing wrong with it if they never spent the money. They never mention that the program would be in surplus today if they didn’t raid the fund. Now Paul Ryan tells you to tell everyone that we have to raise the age before you’ll get your Social Security check. Well, don’t you believe that and do not let those bastards get away with such an evil scam.

Would you be surprised to know that the average lifespan in America has actually gone down for the first time in a generation? Well, it has. Baby Boomers are dying earlier and are the first group to trend the life expectancy statistics downward in a generation. Life expectancy was going up decade after decade until these scamps hit retirement age. Try to think about all the poisons they have put into their bodies over the years with copious amounts of drugs and alcohol.

Imagine for just a second how they lived their lives and now turn the tide of life expectancy statistics for the first time in generations. Now their lifestyle has caught up with them and they are not living as long as their parents. They are getting sick much earlier with some of the most deadly conditions. We are in fact not living longer, but trending the other way. You will never hear that from these rapacious politicians, but just go look it up. Just do the research yourself if you doubt it.

They sit there and tell you that they must raise the eligibility age of Social Security. The Baby Boomers destroyed and bankrupted this program and now want to collect their checks and then raise the age for the rest of us, so we die before we get it. Do not believe for a second that there is no way to fund this program without messing with the age eligibility. That is a complete lie and they so desire the sheeple of this nation to fall for that one. They want you to believe that, while they keep in place a cash cow of an industry, healthcare insurance.

Yes, healthcare insurance, the industry whose only existence is to make record profits on sick and dead people. It is an industry run and owned by the Boomers right now. The Boomers want to leave in place this corrupt industry and then they tell you Social Security is going broke and now we need you to die before you receive any of it. Maybe it is OK with them if you just collect a couple of years before you die, or maybe not?

Generation X needs to start to take control of the Boomer narrative here. We need to speak up about all this and take this issue back. They will scare you with the bankruptcy boogieman while having their Boomer run corporations and industries collect record profits and pay almost no taxes. They will collect their checks. They will deny you yours and they will squeeze every last bit of money and future out of this nation before they pass. They are so similar to a virus, it is scary.

Watch as they kept this tax code in place to make this all work with their new tax law. Don’t you fall for it! I have said it before and I’ll say it again. The Baby Boomers are the most destructive force ever produced in the history of America. They are a virus eating away at this nation that will destroy it all. It is up to the following generations as a whole to come up with an answer. People, The Boomers are eating us alive. They are dying early and won’t be around for long. We need to hold on to our future while this virus passes. We need to understand, there is no penicillin for this generational gonorrhea. We must educate ourselves on this. A case of The Boomers could just as well be as bad as a case of herpes. We might feel the effects of this for the rest of our lives.

This is your public service announcement of the day. If you engage in debate about The Social Security Program, you must use condoms when debating The Boomer Whores. You might catch something dealing with those people. I’ve heard stories.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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