America – The Snitch Nation

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When I grew up being a rat or a snitch was something that no one wanted to be. Fast forward a few decades and the book 1984 has come into reality. I remember the book was something that people would debate and discuss. No way could any of that Orwellian stuff happen here. How wrong could we have been?

The Department of Homeland Security was hooked up with Walmart with a program of telling on your neighbors. New apps are bringing real-time snitching to a whole new level. There are cameras everywhere. Every monetary transaction is recorded, and our children are growing up in this milieu having no idea what real freedom feels like. The whole situation is beyond frightening and it sickens me to the core.

Report suspicious people and behavior they say. “Turn in your neighbors” has become big brother’s mantra and one person after the other seems to have no problem with any of it. How on Earth did we get here? How on Earth did the government pull this off? How did Homeland Security go from being something to fight Muslims Terrorist to being the front man for all your shopping at Walmart?

Since 9/11 the government has, with lightning speed, grabbed and captured more freedoms and individual liberties. It comes at us so fast and overwhelming, that people don’t even realize or feel that they are being enslaved. The sheeple march down the street under video surveillance with paycheck in hand cashing their checks at a government propped up bank, on film.

The whole thing is so far gone, and I just don’t see how we turn it around. When the people who know better are dead, there will be no one left. There will be no one that has ever lived in America, whoever knew real freedom. Just a couple of more decades and the last of the freedom Mohicans will have drifted off into eternity and all that will be left is sheep, not men. The men and women of freedom will be long gone, and the robotic populace will stand in line each day living out a life devoid of true freedom.

I am convinced we are past the tipping point and none of this will be reversed. The non-conformist will be eliminated and the sheeple will lay their heads on their pillows at night feeling an illusionary feeling of safety. All will be well in this world and the government will watch you sleep. They will monitor your dreams and make sure there are no dissident thoughts among you. Sleep well you snitching rats because you didn’t speak up, no one was left when they came for you.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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