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Thanks to, we now have cut and dried evidence that not only is there fake news, but there is an overwhelming amount of biased news being reported daily. I sit back each day and to tell you the truth, I can’t stop screaming at my TV! My beef isn’t with the reporters that actually report the news and the facts of the day. I don’t even mind commentary, if it’s unbiased and equitable. For instance, S.E. Cupp has a show at 5pm EST Mon-Thurs that has me hooked, called Unfiltered. She calls out the President when he deserves it and she also calls out the hypocrites. She’s not just a one-sided Trump basher, which is just about all you see on the news networks now.

The Fake News Awards may sound like this is nothing but an attack on the media, or that’s what the winners will want you to believe. Once you read through the entire list, your eyes will be opened. A problem with the media isn’t only that they are reporting extemporaneously and not validating their sources or stories, but also with the way they spin the stories. For instance, the Fake News media sources are upset about these awards because they say our president is trying to stifle the press and hinder the freedom of the press. Wrong. The Fake News media sources are the ones trampling on your rights! They are helping stifle any opinion that doesn’t agree with theirs. They are hindering the freedom of speech of folks like you. They disagree with what certain folks believe and talk about, so they find ways to prevent the speech from even happening. Anyone remember the riots at UC Berkeley or the University of Washington?

The best part of reading about the winners of the Fake News Awards is after the Top 10 are announced. You’ll have to see it to understand it and become an informed American! So without further ado… we have been waiting and waiting to hear who was going to win the Fake News Awards. Well, the winners have finally been announced! Here’s a look:

2017 was a year of unrelenting bias, unfair news coverage, and even downright fake news. Studies have shown that over 90% of the media’s coverage of President Trump is negative.

Below are the winners of the 2017 Fake News Awards.

1. The New York Times’ Paul Krugman…


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