Trump’s Transformative Presidency Is Undeniable

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I know you hate the man. I know his behavior upsets me and many. However, you have to call a spade a spade. The man is moving the needle. Hearing more of what they put in it, I have to admit this is in fact transformative. It WILL have a noticeable positive effect. It is not what we were promised, but it is better than what it is now. AT&T said they will give every employee $1000 because of it. Jobs will do better and doubling the standard deduction and doubling the child credit is a measurable thing for many. Drilling for oil, killing the death tax and Obamacare mandate is all VERY moral. As much as we dislike the man, he is, in fact, moving the needle in all sorts of places. Overall, better than nothing.

Trump had a win here. As much as the media hates him and will not give him credit, the rest of us will know this is a generational win on multiple levels. A good measuring stick to see if Trump is winning is to turn on Jake Tapper on CNN, if you see a sullen face, you know Trump is doing something right. The blind hatred they have for Trump eclipses the reality that lays right in front of them. These media scamps are in fact, sick. They are all collectively suffering from a mental disease. You can give the condition any name you want but they do in fact suffer from it.

In less than a year in office Trump has done more than any other president in my lifetime. The real progress is being made in deregulation but that is not a pretty sound bite. That is hard to follow or cover. Albeit, it is not sexy, but deregulation is the great driving force of America’s new-found growth. Trumps’ success guarantees one thing for sure. Jake Tapper will be getting more grey hairs.

It is pretty amazing how President Trump looks us in the face and tells us that supported him at one time or another that this tax bill is for the middle class. It is just not true. I think we call things like that a lie. This bill was not what was promised in any way, shape or form.

Yes the bill is good for business and yes that is important, but don’t try to hide that by saying this is for regular people. In fact, this bill just rose the taxes on millions of people in certain states. The Republican Party and their policies suck. That is why we voted for Trump. However, Trump has morphed into the lapdog for the conservatives and nothing is populist.

This is just like the healthcare bill Trump was begging to sign that wiped out millions of people’s access to healthcare. Yes, Trump promised all of us that he would cover everyone in the country whether the Republicans liked it or not. That was also a lie. He wanted to sign a bill that was the opposite. That is the prodigious problem here. Almost everything Trump said while running for president has disappeared and the mirror opposite has popped up.

It has gotten to the point that I can barely stand the sound of Trump’s voice. I can’t listen to it anymore because his words mean nothing. It is his actions that I look for. We have to see what he has done on any given day because what he says on any given day has no relation to what happens. The man barely got in as president with the support he has. How on Earth can he piss any of us off is incredible. There is no way he is re-elected. At least not any way I can see, oh wait, maybe if the Dems could find someone even more hated than Clinton. Yes, that could do it. In the meanwhile, they are just picking winners and losers in the tax code. Shame on all of them.

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