Guy’s Big Project A Success

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I just finished watching Guy Fieri’s show “Guy’s Big Project” and I absolutely loved it. It was an amazing concept to find the next Food Channel Star. For years I have been bitching about the staleness of the Food Channel and how it became out of touch. Example, try to go to the Food Channel on any given holiday and on that day, nothing about the holiday. It was insane, and it drove me nuts as a foodie.

During the course of this show, Guy found not one, but two brand new shows that I will definitely be following. Guy brought new blood to a decaying channel. I mean how many versions of a Bobby Flay show could one do or stomach. Don’t get me wrong, I love Bobby, but man oh man, we need new blood on that channel. Well, Guy found it and it was an incredible journey to watch him do it. If you have not seen this show, go seek it out, I promise you will not be disappointed.

The Food Channel green-lighted two shows from “Guy’s Big Project”. One was called “The Grill Dads” and the other was “Eat, Sleep, BBQ”. Both shows will absolutely bring new content and new ideas to the Food Channel. The channel has been dying on the vine for years with one retread after the other. Guy might have, in fact, saved this cable channel from extinction.

It is my humble Foodie opinion that Guy Fieri should give up his restaurant empire and his own TV shows and become a full-time producer. Just watch the show and I know you will agree. He should get a piece of all the new shows and talents, financially, and offhandedly revamp the Food Channel once and for all. He could, by himself, pull off a “Jurassic Park” and bring back to life a once great channel to watch.

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