Deep State: Most of Government Arm of Democrat Party

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The Republican Party might have Congress and the White House but the agencies themselves are not Republican. Just a cursory glance at the IRS, FBI, EPA and most of government over the last decade clearly shows a leftist bias. Some might call it the Deep State, but I see it as America’s government somehow became an arm of the Democrat Party.

Watching the latest manifestation of this anathema in the FBI’s so-called independent investigation of the Russian probe, even I am alarmed. One Republican after the other is being arrested and lives ruined, while many Democrats run free with abandon. The Clintons get away with more crimes than all of these Republican in trouble combined, yet they skate above the law.

As details come out about the corrupt goings on of the FBI, somebody, somewhere, needs to clean all of this up. That somebody is the president. It is time that President Trump puts an end to the Mueller Investigation and cleans house at the FBI. The agency is not playing it straight and what could be more dangerous than that? The public has no trust anymore in the FBI or most of America’s government. Lady Justice is being gang raped and her scales have been hidden away with Clinton’s deleted emails.

The Deep State is picking winners and losers at the IRS, EPA and the Justice Department, just to name a few. The problem is so widespread that it threatens democracy itself. One party cannot be allowed to run a secret government right under the noses of the American Voters. There is a systematic campaign behind the scenes to push a leftist agenda that is not responsive to the voters or truth itself.

President Trump’s governmental inexperience blinds him to the fact that he can do a lot more about this than he realizes. He simply does not know his power. Too worried about what people will say if he puts his foot down, he just complains about all of it on Twitter. Meanwhile, the Swamp is Winning. In the end, collusion was in fact found. However, it was not between Trump and the Russians, but rather between the Justice Department, the FBI and the Intelligence Community with the Clintons.

The whole thing is a coup! Nothing more, nothing less.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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