Trump’s Trail Of Tears

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President Donald Trump held an award ceremony for honoring Navajo Code Talkers that helped us win World War 2, but he staged the event under the picture of Andrew Jackson. Now that can’t be by accident. This was planned, and one must ask, what were they thinking? Hanging above them was the man who brought us the Trail of Tears. So, why is everyone commenting on the stupid Pocahontas joke and not the real scandal, which was the Jackson portrait?

Is there any group left that Trump has not offended? As a former supporter of this madman, I feel nothing but shame. I blame the Democrat Party for putting up the most unlikeable person alive in Hillary Clinton. It was a choice between what we thought was a Populist movement and some person who is in fact very crooked. I could have never supported Clinton under any circumstance, but I thought Trump would be better than he has been. My big beef is the fact that President Trump’s governing is by no measure Populist. For many of us, this is a whole new Trail of Tears following the Trump Presidency.

The man barely got in as president and I see no way on Earth he can be re-elected. None. However, isn’t there anyone in the White House that has the common sense enough to know not to stage a Navajo award ceremony under a picture of Andrew Jackson? What the hell is going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.? The role the code talkers played in the second World War is sacred; it is an amazing story. To disrespect this is a bridge too far.

The lack of a learning curve when it comes to this president is stunning. The fact that he has any supporters left is astonishing. Those of us who supported Trump owe America a HUGE apology. We should have backed the Libertarian ticket, regardless of where Aleppo is in Syria.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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