Net Neutrality: Trump Sides With Internet Giants?

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I came across the headline from Politico and my heart skipped a beat. It said, “Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai will reveal plans to his fellow commissioners on Tuesday to fully dismantle the agency’s Obama-era net neutrality regulations, people familiar with the plans said, in a major victory for the telecom industry in the long-running policy debate.”

Trump-appointed Pai’s plan would scrap the agency’s core net neutrality rules, which prohibit internet service providers like Comcast or Verizon from blocking or slowing web traffic or negotiating paid deals with websites for “fast lanes” to consumers. The FCC will vote on the change in December.

All of us that fought for a neutral internet where a mom and pop website or a small business website had just as much speed as Amazon on the web, are now back in the fight. To allow the internet giants’ service providers to create fast lanes online and charge for it would fundamentally change the online experience we have all gotten used to. The big corporations would crush the rest of us under their feet. President Donald Trump-appointed Pai’s plan would get rid of rules that allow internet service providers from blocking or slowing online web traffic or establishing so-called paid internet fast lanes. So unless you pay their ransom, you’re screwed online.

Trump’s guy also will scrap the legal foundation for the FCC to tighten federal oversight of internet service providers. Comcast and Verizon types could create a Wild Wild West scenario charging the public this or that to run a website. The whole thing is a freaking nightmare for the rest of us. This is in no way a Populist thing to do. In fact, it is another broken promise to the working men and women from Trump. It is taking sides with the giant corporations over the working class people of America. Small businesses everywhere have and depend on equal treatment and speed on the internet to compete. To create a situation of the have and have nots would be a nightmare for America Speaks Ink and other blogs that are not based on commerce but speech.

When Trump promised to cover everyone in healthcare, despite what the Republican Party said, when he promised to cut a deal with the hospitals to take care of everyone and then tried to sign a bill to kick millions off of healthcare, I was taken back. When he promised to cut taxes for everyone and then pushed tax reform where they pick the winners and the losers and not cut taxes for everyone, I was disgusted. I, as his biggest supporter, turned on him. However, if now he is going to side with the internet giants to crush the rest of us, well then, it is time to fight.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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