Our Lost Society and Where It Goes From Here

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Our Lost Society and Where It Goes From Here

The question I hear most often is, “What the hell is going on?” The answer, nothing that wasn’t already enrooted in society. It is just finally surfacing enough that we actually have to face what has been hidden by the rose-colored glasses that we are born with. The argument of Nature vs Nurture has finally ended because in all honesty we all are born with the ability to lie, kill, love, and hate. It comes down to choices we make on who we want to grow up to be, and when we grow up it is a matter of choosing how we want to apply our life events and mold them into who we are.

The problem is we have always been a society that has always followed a leader or leaders and strong leadership has always been important since the dawn of mankind. It does not matter if it was a clan leader, kings, presidents, or even gods, our society has always had some kind of leadership that paved our way throughout our history and over the past few decades our leadership has weakened to the point we now are grasping at straws to figure out how to move forward.

Like slow-acting poison, our family values, morals, and hope have been stripped away right under our noses and replaced with greed, struggles to just live, and hate replacing hope. Our past leaders managed to protect themselves from the voice of what the people actually want and turn it into the power of what one person wants, and the delusion of the process known as “a vote “is just that, a delusion. We know what kind of leadership we want but settle for the best of the few choices we are given. Then because of our human social structure, we would rather follow the leader in power then to admit to ourselves it wasn’t much of a choice at all. Bringing us back to needing strong leadership because it’s just human nature.

Now those who we look to for guidance, leadership, and safety are letting us down, we are becoming a lost society. We have a judge who tells a sexual assault victim she should have kept her legs closed. Police officers who assault people based on color or race. Politicians who commit sexual assault and condone it. Leaders who would rather stomp all over our human rights rather than embrace them and enforce them. If our leaders continue to endorse hate instead of tolerance, then the majority of society will follow down the road of hate because that is just human nature found in most animal and mammal social structures. Free will comes from within but in most cases, the need for a hierarchy that is embedded naturally seems to be stronger and right now it is winning.

We need leaders to put us back on the road to hope and prosperity before our morals, values, and rights are lost forever.

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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