An Elephant is a Bad Hunt

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Most people seem to think big game hunting and trophy hunting are one in the same, yet they are far from the same thing. Most true hunters know the difference and do not agree with trophy hunting any more than the average person. Most trophy hunters have no ethics or etiquette when it comes to the hunt. Paying thousands of dollars to often hunt an endangered animal for bragging rights and mounts, they do not care about the ecological damage they are actually doing or the imbalance in the animal kingdom it creates. Often taking just the head, they leave the remaining of the animal to rot.

Most big game hunters may always be looking for that perfect mount, but they also respect the hunt. Take moose hunting, you are always looking for the perfect head mount with a wonderful spooned rack, but they also take every piece of meat that can be gotten from the animal. The meat can be used to make a roast, steaks, stew meat, sausages, pepperoni, and even hamburger. Filling the freezer and providing a family meat for up to 6 months or longer. The hides can be given to a taxidermist to be used for mounts and the bones are great for grinding and making bonemeal for flower beds. Big game hunters will use as much of the animal as possible.

Not that I endorse hunting by any means, but I do understand a true hunter’s “thrill of the kill” when they fill the tag and freezer. But I cannot understand why anyone would want to hunt an animal like the elephant. The elephant population is in danger of going extinct and Trump wants to lift the ban on hunting them. There is no challenge to hunting them, they are slow and not easily spooked. They are so big that they can be tracked fairly easy and it’s not like they can hide very well even in dense foliage.

These Gentle Giants are the closest thing to a real dinosaur we will ever get, and they do so much for the Ecosystem around them that it would be catastrophic to the environment if they ever go extinct. Think I am exaggerating a bit? Truth is I’m not. Most people do not realize that an elephants poop can contain 16-19 different variety of seeds that account for most of the foliage, trees, and fruits that feed not only other animals but people also. They can travel miles in one day and carry gallons of water in their trunks making them a natural fertilizer and gardener to any environment they live in.

Unlike most animals that can produce offspring once a year which helps replace those which have been killed by a hunter, an elephant carries their young for two years before giving birth and the calf must be tended to by the mother for a minimum of two-three years before becoming independent. Usually, the female elephant will not become pregnant again until any previous offspring is gone. Because of this length of time, the elephant will become extinct very quickly if any ban is lifted.

So please protest in any way you can to prevent the ban being lifted, they need everyone’s help. Do not buy any ivory trinkets, ornaments or even buttons. And shame any trophy hunter who brags about hunting any endangered animals. Remember we are their only voice and their only hope.

Save these Gentle Giants!

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