Democrats Fool Themselves Over Election Results

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After Tuesday’s election, I listened to the glee of the left wing media. If you ever doubt that the press is nothing but an arm of the Democrat Party, tune in after the Dems had a good night and just look at their smiling faces. The Republican Party had a bad night for sure but the conclusions people are reaching seem off-kilter to me.

The lesson that should be learned by Republicans is if you do not embrace the populist movement fully, then you will lose your election. Running candidates that are Swamp Creatures like Ed Gillespie and not true believers of positive populism, will lead to election losses. Nothing can be clearer. Steve Bannon and President Trump should have never got on board with a George W. Bush crony.

The lesson that the Dems are taking from the election results is that it is a rejection of Trump. Well, it is, but not the way they think. It was the rejection of the Trump Agenda by establishment Republicans that led to those election results. Nothing and I mean nothing that happened Tuesday night will affect whether or not Trump wins in 2020. Not even 2018 will affect Trump’s re-election.

Trump is an island of his own like Obama was. Obama’s success could not be transferred to anyone else and he left the party in tatters. When it comes to President Donald Trump, his success or failure will not be linked to the Republican Party and all of their garbage.

It’s consumer confidence that I would pay attention to. Since the election, companies had record-breaking months, one after the other. The only month that wasn’t, was when America got slammed with a Hurricane and still had 3% growth for that quarter. In addition, the deregulation he is doing behind the scene is historic. That will churn everything as well. Also, he promotes business and cares about it. Really cares about it. Business people know this.

Just ask anyone who got a job on a pipeline or some industry that deregulation gave them a job. Ask any of the people who receive a good paying job because he talked some company into building a plant here. Mark my words, the Republican Party’s failures will not be blamed on Trump. The man clearly is trying to move the needle. Give the guy four years and we’ll see. The man has been there one year and everyone from both sides are blocking his agenda. There is a clear difference between a Harvard Professor type and a businessman, I prefer the latter. The economy will be the decider of whether Trump is re-elected or not.

Democrats on mass are now convincing themselves that the reason the economy is doing better is because of Obama and what he did. They are saying Trump has done nothing for the economy. I’ve actually have had this debate with two separate partisans in the last two days. I was shocked this insane idea even existed. If you are a barking dog outside of the gate of entrepreneurialism trying to tell small business owners on Main Street how business is going and actually have deluded yourself in believing Obama is responsible for the current economic rise, then you need to go see a shrink. That is batshit. If you people only knew how you sounded to the rest of us that are not eaten up with Trump Hate. For me, President Trump abandoned his populist agenda, so I have abandoned him. I can’t at this point see any possible way he gets re-elected after his broken promises. However, I can be objective.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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