The Debt And Destruction Left Behind By Obama

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While the Democrats got themselves all riled up over the current occupant of the White House, somehow, they roll forward without a rear view mirror. The left is just starting to give Bill Clinton a realistic look, but I suspect it will be many years before they come to terms with the presidency of Barack Obama. Look how long it took for the first introspective look at Slick Willy. There are still people on the left that fear speaking out about the destructive nature of the Clintons and the negative effects of their presence in the Democrat Party. The come to Jesus moment over Barack will probably be much later down the road.

Barack Obama destroyed and bankrupted the Democrat Party, yet he is revered? How can that be? Over the course of his presidency, the Democrat Party was decimated across the nation. From lost seats in Congress to the state and local electoral annihilations, Barack Obama’s stewardship of the politics on the left was devastating. He tripled the national debt, bankrupted the Democrat Party and left behind a legacy of failure that is still being cleaned up, almost a year after he is gone.

Obama called it the new norm. It was his fundamental change to America that he talked about. He told us to get used to double-digit unemployment, anemic GDP growth, and flat wages. His entire presidency will be looked back on as one of the most failed presidencies in America’s history. How on Earth the left does not see this guy for who he is is beyond frightening, it stains cogency. However, this is the alternative reality the left rolls through.

For those of us on the right who now see George W. Bush and his entire family in a negative light, we can spot what is happening to the left. For those of us who see the difference between the Trump Presidential Campaign and Trump’s governance, we know one thing. The left, someday in the near future, will have themselves a real good cry. We have had a string of bad presidents, I don’t care what side you’re on. We can do better.

C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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