Clinton Rigs Election Not Russians Revelation

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In a clear self-serving manner, Donna Brazile unveils the Democrat Dirt for the whole world to see. When you read through her piece published in Politico Magazine, one can’t help but see the glaring semantical dance Donna is known for. Brazile turns on the former head of the DNC Debbie Wasserman Schultz and throws Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama completely under the bus.

Democrat on Democrat crime is such an entertaining thing to watch. The in-house bloodletting is now public and what is confirmed is what we all knew, the election was rigged but it wasn’t the Russians, it was Hillary Clinton. Donna lays out in her piece that the Clintons had complete control of the DNC well before she was the nominee and Bernie was in fact scammed in a rigged election. I have a hard time feeling sorry for Sanders when he lacked the spine to take Clinton on in a meaningful way.

Bernie got duped and the election for the Democrat Nomination was rigged according to Brazile. She speaks of her own integrity as if it ever existed and never mentions her role in giving Clinton the questions before the CNN debate. CNN fired her over that one. Donna who is clearly self-unaware of her decimated reputation tries to repair her career and image, but just like Kevin Spacey as of late, she made a big thing even worse.

Once again Wikileaks is proven right and still holds a perfect record of accuracy over ten years now. Most of us did not need Donna to tell us the election was rigged, we could all see it for ourselves. Bernie had massive crowds state after state but Clinton kept winning them anyway. The whole thing was an obvious farce. The press had a role in this at the time, going along with this succinct fix, but nobody is surprised about that. Now let’s see how the leftist press ignores this bombshell. There won’t be any surprise with that either.

C. Rich
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