Trump Sides With The Big Banks Over The People

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President Trump has decided to go with the Republican establishment and sides with the big banks. The banks pushed hard to have the law overturned that allowed regular people to band together and sue the banks that have been ripping off the world and crashed the worldwide economy in 2008. This is just another example of Trump’s fake Populism. How on Earth can he lead a Populist movement and side with the Banksters? Well, he can’t. We won’t have it or his back for re-election if he keeps this up.

Nobody was a bigger supporter than me when it came to backing Trump for the job. He lost my support back in the healthcare debacle when he was begging to sign a bill that would have knocked tens of millions of people off healthcare. Not only was that not a Populist thing to do, it was downright evil. Remembering when he was asking us for the job, that he said he would cover everybody no matter what the Republicans say? I couldn’t believe he would go back on his word. You see there is a vast gulf between the words and the actions of Donald Trump.

The banks own Washington DC and it seems they own Trump as well. There is no reason on Earth he should stop working class people from banding together to take on the banks who have been running a criminal cartel from Wall Street for decades now. Nobody has been arrested for any of these in your face crimes the banks commit. Wells Fargo sat there for years and committed identity fraud and opened up credit cards under its own customers’ names without even telling the people. So, now Trump wants to make it against the law to have all of those millions of people band together and sue the banks? What a disgusting act by this president.

This is why the base HATES the Republican Party. Every chance they get they side with the big corporations and attack America’s safety net while throwing all our money at war. Steve Bannon better get out of Trump’s ass and find our movement another leader, because this one was a false prophet of the highest order. Shame on President Trump to side with the Banksters. Shame!


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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