The Joy of Watching the Destruction of Obama Legacy

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One of the most joyful things to watch is how President Trump is dismantling the entire Obama legacy brick by brick. It is a fantastical thing to behold. When President Trump is done, there will be nothing left behind to show Barrack Obama was there except a picture on the wall. Everything and I mean everything Obama did is being rolled back and it is a beautiful thing.

Of course, Obama has nobody to blame for this except himself, he caused this. Barrack brought this onslaught on himself and in more than one way. It all started when Obama mocked and ridiculed Donald Trump years ago at a White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. Obama did his drop the mic routine on Trump that night. Then, Barrack went on late-night Jimmy Kimmel Live and mocked Donald more and said, “At Least I Will Go Down As A President” and sealed his fate. Obama did not realize he was sealing his fate at the time, but he picked on the wrong guy to mock in Donald Trump.

What transpired next was one of the greatest get-backs in the history of the world. Mr. Trump walked away from his flush billionaire life and ran for president. One by one he obviated all comers on the Republican side, Hillary Clinton and all that stood in his way. You see, it had to be him at the steps of the White House that Barrack Obama had to hand the keys over to. It was the greatest revenge anyone had ever seen and at the highest level anyone had witnessed. Donald Trump handed Obama his ass and it was a sight to see.

The second thing Obama did to bring on the annihilation of his eight years in the White House was how he governed. For eight years Obama made very little effort to work with Congress. He jammed his agenda down our throats with his lies and executive orders. He never codified anything into real law. Whether it was Cuba, the Paris Accord, Iran or any multitude of things, the man just did it on his own. This left his entire agenda and legacy laid bare-boned and easy to be devoured by Donald. And that is what Donald is exactly doing. In the end, when everything is said and done, the battle between Donald and Barrack was won by Trump. And I for one am swimming in an ocean of schadenfreude.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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