Taking A Knee – A Silent Protest

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Well, the owners of sports teams drank the Jim Jones Kool-Aid and are planning to implement or have implemented a new rule by making all sports players stand during the playing of the national anthem because some find it to be unpatriotic to take a knee in a silent protest. I say really? Because I can think of some other more damaging ways these athletes could have protested like refusing to play the game or delaying the game start. It would hurt the fans and the pocketbooks if that ever happened, yet all they did was silently protested then they go on entertaining the fans by playing the games the fans paid to see. In the end, nobody got hurt, everybody got entertained, money exchanged pockets, and the players’ point was made; a win-win for everyone.

I would rather people take a knee in silence than march down a street shouting, holding signs, throwing rocks, lighting fires and fighting the opposition protesters. Yet this type of protest is considered “free speech with the right to protest” yet a silent protest is considered offensive. Does anyone else find this a little twisted way of thinking? Do we really want to see our athletes running around the sidelines holding offensive signs and shouting profanity? I know I wouldn’t.

At one time people were arrested for burning the flag and fined for flying a torn or frayed flag because it was considered unpatriotic. Now the flag is seen on beaches in forms of bikinis and speedos. Leather jackets sold with the flag plaster on the back, small flags and window stickers sold as souvenirs, and don’t forget the patriotic license plates. Where is all the hoopla, yelling and foot stomping over what would seem way more unpatriotic than taking a knee?

As true sports fans are we really going to let our athletes’ right to protest be taken away? By allowing this rule to be implemented, we are allowing a person’s voice be silenced and we will be just as guilty as if we tied the gag ourselves. The contracts they signed already restrict most of the abilities they would have to protest because they are obligated to set an example, taking a knee was the only legal action they had left to get a point across. Now they will be fully enslaved by the owners. If they wish to continue playing the game they love so much, then they must give up the last of their rights and freedoms.

And we thought slavery was illegal.


K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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