Saturday Night Live Weak On Weinstein

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The thundering bias of the left shines through again over the weekend on SNL. This kind of bias has made award shows, late night talk shows and entire TV networks unwatchable. All you have to do is look at how the left covered the sexual misconduct at Fox News and how they had a field day with it. Then look how they are covering the sexual equivalent in Hollywood.

Saturday Night Live barely touched the subject of Weinstein creepiness. SNL had one skit on it and they couldn’t help themselves by using some of the time to take a shot at Nazis marching in the streets. It was a clear dig at President Trump. They could not keep the only skit pure on the subject of Weinstein but have no problem with the focus of subject when slamming the right.

Weekend Update made some harsh comments, but right away, backed up their Harvey Weinstein comments with a tirade on Trump. The people from the left cannot help themselves. They are completely self-unaware of how they look to the other side or the depth of our hatred for it all. These leftist scamps have lectured America for decades with their smug, self-righteousness and pompous moral superiority on every subject to how we should feel about gender-bending to how and what food we should eat.

SNL was cowardly when it came to hammering Harvey Weinstein for his insane behavior. It was a target rich environment that was ignored for the most part because the target was one of their own. The show has become nothing but an arm of the Democrat Party and has lost all of its street cred. Every single episode this season the actors have unprofessionally broken character and could not get through many skits without cracking. The show is a shadow of its once self. We have gone far away from the golden age of Saturday Night Live. Could you imagine anybody stopping John Belushi from taking on the Weinstein scandal? SNL has lost its edge. Hell, they can’t even get through all the skits without flubbing and breaking character. They seem to be on point when they are bashing President Trump, however, what a coincidence…


C. Rich
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