A Misfiring President Could Be Undiagnosed Disorder

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Many people who suffer from neurological disorders go on to be a very productive part of society and some become very successful people in life. It’s time to face the facts that President Trump is one of those people. The disasters and shootings of the past few months confirmed what many already suspected, Trump lacks the ability to show or feel empathy. People who suffer from this ability often grow up learning how to act appropriately by masking and mimicking from those around them never knowing they should actually be feeling the emotions on a deeper level. The worst part is that they will never see or understand that they are misfiring if left untreated growing up, and in Donald Trump‘s case, it is obvious that he was left untreated coming from a prominent family. If he would have just stayed a reality T.V. Star and a Real-estate Mogul he would have gone through the rest of his life undetected by the majority of the world, but becoming President and living under a huge microscope, he is no longer able to hide or mask the lack of empathy.

It is time to face the facts that he will never see the events of the world like we do. We are beating our heads against the proverbial wall and no amount of name calling, arguing or pointing out the obvious will ever penetrate with this president because it is those that are around him that always suffer the most. The best we can hope for is that those closest to him can steer him in the direction that America needs him to go, get to the next election and hope he does not get a second term.

In my honest opinion, it explains why so many family members took roles in the political office. They were hoping to keep his disorder hidden from the public and steer him in the direction that was best for America. Unfortunately, the tether broke and they could not wrangle him back in time. The damage is done, the truth is out. I truly believe they are doing their very best to get through to him to the best of their abilities but I do not envy them now that he has had a taste of the power the presidency holds.

Power can corrupt the best of them and someone who suffers from narcissistic personality and neurological disorders, it could easily become out of control and very devastating, disastrous or even apocalyptic for the world.


K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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