Did You Know The Earth’s Moon Rings Like A Bell?

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I live on the Space Coast of Florida. I live literally down the street from NASA. I stand on my balcony and watch rockets and soon people once again shot up into space. I’ve lived on both coasts in America and many places in between and this is hands down my favorite place to live. Being here at the end of the old NASA era and for the beginning of the commercial space industry with companies like Space X and others has been exciting and historic.

While raising my child here on an island off the coast of Florida, she has had an incredible education. She goes to school with the children of NASA employees, so you know damn well the school is going to be good. NASA sends their buses down to the schools and brings the kids to Kennedy Space Center and shows them all everything. Science is big around here, to say the least.

Not too long ago, NASA scientists had an exhibition at the local planetarium. My daughter is in advanced science, so she certainly wanted to go. While there, my wife happened to mention to one of the scientists that our moon rings like a bell and could possible be hollow and the scientist was caught off guard. What caught me off guard is that she did not know that. I wish I could have seen the face of that scientist when she went home and looked this up. It got me thinking, if they don’t know, I bet most people don’t.

According to Popular Science: “Though the Apollo lunar modules were built for the sole purpose of landing two men on the surface of the Moon, their usefulness didn’t end after ascending from the lunar surface. NASA used the spent spacecraft for science, directing these modules for controlled crashed into the Moon. These crashes caused moonquakes, and scientists measured the vibrations moving through the Moon and found it rings like a bell.”

What is odd to me is we are spending billions of dollars to go explore different moons in our solar system, yet we know very little about our own moon. Nobody can tell you how our moon got where it is or even where it came from. There are many theories, but the evident truth is we do not know. We cannot find another moon anywhere that interacts with its host planet in the way our’s does. We can’t find a single moon in our solar system that has such a vital purpose to the planet it orbits. The mathematical possibility that our moon landed up precisely where it is by chance and how its shape exactly covers the entire sun during an eclipse is unexplainable.

We stopped going to our moon decades ago. We have rovers on Mars and all sorts of unmanned spaceships from Voyager out in interstellar space to the latest ships headed to Jupiter’s and Saturn’s moons, but yet we bypass our own moon? It does seem odd if you think about it. There is so much we do not know about Earth’s moon and there seems to be very little curiosity about it. I find that odd as it stares down at us each night. I for one would like to know much more about our own moon. Let’s start with the fact that it rings like a bell for hours on end. Can we start there? I’ve heard different hypothesis about it, but factually speaking, we don’t know. Let’s go drill that baby and find out. In the words of Sarah Palin, “Drill baby drill!”


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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