False Vegas – What Should We Believe

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Things are not always what they seem.  Especially in the case of the Route 91 Harvest festival’s so-called shootings in Las Vegas.  I say so-called on purpose.  I am not sure the explanation given is what exactly happened.  In fact, I guarantee that the Las Vegas Metro Police, puppet-ed by the ever watchful FBI, are purposely misleading the public concerning the events that happened that night.  Let me elaborate just a little.

According to an official statement: A lone 64 yr. old gunman hauled a bunch of rifles, with ammo, up to the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel and managed to keep it secret.  Then, for some reason, this lone-wolf unleashed a 9-11 minute barrage of gunfire into a huge crowd of unsuspecting concert goers.  Supposedly, over 500 revelers were injured, and sadly, 58 lost their lives.

It took the snailing police response team almost a full twenty minutes, after the shooting stopped, to finally enter the hotel room.  Only to discover that the alleged shooter, with the extra time, had terminated himself.  How convenient.

Then, to confuse matters even worse, photos of the shooter’s hotel room (after entry) are released.  None of these photos make a bit of sense.   They depict rifles placed in odd positions throughout the room.  The shooter lays neatly on the floor.  Too neatly for someone shooting themselves in the head. And there is a rifle barrel stand straddling the shooter’s left leg.  How does that happen?  Presumably, if he was standing while pulling the trigger he should have crumpled into a heap.  Not laying like he was standing at horizontal attention.

Here is what really gets me.  He shot himself in the head.  Which is not uncommon for gun suicides.  Almost all that have used this method utilized the temple, mouth, or under the chin for their attempts.  Not this guy.  He shoots himself in the eye.  In the eye?  Again, who does that?

According to the photos, there is a sprinkling of spent shells, but not nearly enough to have had fired more than the 3000 rounds estimated, lightly scattered in no discriminant pattern.  One casing even landed on the shooter’s blood pool as if it had been delicately placed.  It just doesn’t make sense.

None of the official narrative makes any sense at all.  And no one seems to challenge the ever-changing timeline of events.  All the mainstream media outlets are buying it.  Weirdness and all.  Well, I’m not.

I am skeptical as hell about ‘their’ version and don’t buy it one bit.  My eyes are open and I know what really happened that night and why.  It is not what they say at all.  Hell, my version is more credible than the peanut butter they’re trying to feed us.  My flags are not as false as the ones flying in Vegas are.  And you’re going to be shocked.  Wide awake.

I am going to show you how our government is killing its own people and blaming others for it.


Jeff Payne

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