Excited To Be Back!

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Hello great readers,  Jeff Payne here.  Back once again with America Speaks Ink to offer my views and standpoints which will differ from mainstream media’s (MSM) narrative.  Almost always in fact.

I used to write here before when I was a blogger at Investigation Discovery.  I was covering the Casey Anthony murder case when the great staff here at ASI offered me a platform to represent the public’s viewpoint on the matter.  It was not long; however, before I was given free reign to write whatever I wanted.  And I did.  From Terry Schiavo to Bigfoot.  It was great.

Now I am back and this time I am going to rustle some feathers.  Don’t worry.  I am still, mostly anyways, the same as before but with just a little more wisdom.  I am going to raise questions which go against popular belief.  Questions that are not being asked.  I will offer alternative answers which will grind against conventionality.  Or with it.  Luckily. I am not single-faceted.

I could, and will, in the future post a piece entailing a befuddling incident of mine – which I love by the way – because my favorite person to laugh at is myself.  Or a fictional account of adventure with positive overtones, but whatever the case and regardless of what I write.  You know it will be all me.

I am very excited and I know you will be also.

Thanks again,

Jeff Payne

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