An Attack on Literature

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Well, we had a terrorist attack in Las Vegas and Edmonton Alberta but what about the attack on our children’s education. To be specific, on their literary education. I am referring to the librarian who has decided Dr. Seuss is a racist and refused books donated by the first lady Melania Trump, all because of her own opinion or hatred towards the government. This librarian would rather deprive innocent children of some of the most entertaining and early reading literature and impose her ideologies and hypocrisy instead. Why do I say Hippocratic? Because in her infamous wisdom she posed as “The Cat in the Hat while holding a Dr.Seuss book” in a picture, in none other than a library, sometime previously before deciding Dr. Seuss was not suitable reading material.

If Dr. Seuss is a racist then we might as well remove other reading material as well. Let’s start with the book of colors, it might promote interracial mixing because it reads “I am black and I am white, when we mix, we make grey.” We will defiantly have to ban “The Wizard of Oz” as it might promote violence considering the flying monkeys unstuff the scarecrow and Dorothy kills the witch to get her ruby slippers back. Then there are those nasty Disney books Cinderella and Snow White, they teach how to get back at evil stepmothers. And while we are at it, we have to burn anything Shakespeare and Mother Goose nursery rhymes.

OK so I am being a little sarcastic, but where will it stop? First its statues and monuments, then books, all in the name of hatred or the racist card. By removing this part of historical history whether books or statues we are infringing on our children’s rights to choose, learn, and study. As parents, Librarians that refuse to allow our children to enjoy much-loved literature are infringing on our rights to choose what is right and wrong for our children.

Banning or refusing books is just wrong on so many levels. Leave our children out of the hatred.


K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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