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I just spent a week with nature and It was awesome but colder than normal. A foot of snow and more falling as we left the little cabin in the woods, but I would not give up this family tradition for the world.

Wood burning stove, fireplace for warmth, lanterns for light, no internet, and the nearest cell signal is atop a hill about ½ a mile away. The only way in is Quad, Ski-Doo or a very long hike.

When we first started going to the cabin, over 25 years ago, we hauled wood in with us and spent hours cutting down dead trees, cleaning up the landscape around us and stockpiling the cut wood. One week every summer the family gathered and we would dig up the stumps and replant with little saplings, the years of effort paid off. The forest around us is green, vibrant and thriving in abundance.

We picked out a special spot that we planted pine trees to be used for Christmas, and each year we would plant little saplings, and as the kids came we would make them plant one and so on. This week when we all gathered, we picked out our family’s Christmas trees, marked them and we will return in December to cut and haul them out. Come spring when the ground can be dug, we will not only be replacing the 4 we are taking but we will be planting 6 extra because the grandchildren plan on carrying on with the tradition we started all those years ago.

I could not be more proud of my family, through all the fights, bickering, and very different and busy lives we all lead, in the end, we can come together and carry on a simple tradition such as planting a tree.


K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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