NFL Fans Lives Matter

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The coward known as Roger Goodell and his inability to stand up to his young black players is destroying the league. Because Roger the Coward did not enforce a code of conduct on the players, the league itself is in jeopardy. Never in my life have I seen so many people get so angry at the NFL. Football being my second favorite sport is imploding right in front of my eyes.

The concussion issue has been slowly chipping away at the future of the NFL and now the commissioner has put its destruction on turbo speed. We have watched Goodell over the years discipline players for wearing the wrong sock or shoe. In this case, the protest of kneeling at the National Anthem has offended so many people that the league has certainly lost fans already. Despite what side of this argument you fall on, one thing is clear, this act of kneeling during the anthem truly offends millions of people. So why allow that? Is the NFL not a brand? Is Roger not presiding over the destruction of the said brand?

If the league owners do not replace Roger and I mean fast, the end will be near. I watched it happened with the NBA when decades ago they went too gangster and completely stop targeting my demographic. I walked away from the NBA many years ago and never returned after they kept wearing their gang colors on their bandannas. They made a conscious choice to market the NBA to the urban community and cut out us white suburbanites. It is starting to look like the NFL is making the same choice. If this is the case, the NBA survived and so will the NFL for a while, but it will never be as popular or as big as it once was.

Maybe it is time to learn the sport of Ice Hockey once and for all. If I can’t go to sports to escape the day to day life, then I’ll find my escapism elsewhere. Maybe I’ll start a new protest and call it NFL Fans Lives Matter. If I keep feeling this ugliness every time I turn on the NFL, I will no doubt take a knee and my whole body elsewhere.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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