Florida Power and Light Fails Floridians

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Florida Power and Light or otherwise known as FPL completely failed Floridians under the pressure of Hurricane Irma. Once the hurricane hit, we pretty much all lost power. This was to be expected because they keep putting up wooden poles to run the electricity instead of putting them underground. What was not expected was FPL’s inept response after the storm.

FPL refused to take calls from actual humans or provide fellow humans to answer the phone. We were all routed to some generic recording that provided very little information. In addition, we were directed to go to their website which caused its own problems. First, the website told thousands of people that their electric was back on, even though it was not. So countless people drove back from their out of town safe places to their homes, only to find that the power was, in fact, not on.

Then, after thousands of people responded on their website that FPL’s claim that the power was on, was false, the company then put an apology on their website and asked everyone to re-report if they’re out of power. So what happened next? Well, their website crashed. Yep, these vipers who have been bleeding us all dry over the years did not have enough server capacity to handle a hurricane. It was an unbelievable and inexcusable or even avoidable failure of epic proportion. It came at the worst possible time.

Countless people were calling the radio stations, asking “where are the power trucks?” People claimed from all of Florida for the first couple of days that nobody has seen any trucks on the road to help. The radio stations, in partnership with the power companies, did not want to speak ill of the electric companies and actually started to sound like apologists on air. The public was literally left in the dark.

Florida Power and Light was a disgrace throughout Hurricane Irma. I heard similar complaints about other power companies in the state, but I can only speak from my experience and give my opinion on it. FPL has raped us over the years and collected piles of cash from all of us. So where is the money going? I’ll tell you where it is not going. It is not going towards taking the electrical wires off these antiquated wooden poles that get smacked down in every hurricane. It is not going toward putting the wires underground. It is certainly not going toward maintaining a proper website or hiring enough people to actually answer the damn phone.

It is time to call for an audit of the top executives at Florida Power and Light and see what kind of bonus packages or pay these guys are pocketing. It is time as Floridians to say that we expect better than this. We do not have to settle for this sub-par expensive service. For too long there has been no effort or investment into upgrading our electrical system in Florida. It is time we demand an end to this plunder once and for all.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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