Afghan War Was A Mistake

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It has been clear for a very long time now that the war in Afghanistan was a mistake. We lost and yet another president sends more troops to die? What the hell is going on here? After all these years of endless war, we have nothing to show for it, nothing, not a damn thing. We bleed and die over there for what? How on Earth has this endless war been able to march on?

The American people in vast numbers believe that this war was a mistake. So how is the military industrial complex able to keep this endless war going? As a former Trump supporter, this is where he lost me for good. I was tired of seeing the president’s words not matching his actions in any way, but when he agreed to keep this war going, he lost my support permanently. Nothing and I mean nothing will ever get my support back. Trump’s flip flop on ending these costly wars is the biggest betrayal from the presidential campaign.

When you ask any of our war mongering leaders why we should stay in Afghanistan, they all say the same thing. They have been saying it for so long, that I will not even repeat it or give it merit. It was the same ole reasoning ten years ago, the same words and all. It is sickening to watch and hear. America has lost its way. For our nation to be seen as a never ending war machine will have a lasting effect on the world’s perception of us.

The one thing that really chaps me about all of this is the money that is spent to keep something like this going. There has been a fortune spent on endless war, while at the time our nation crumbles around us. This was the whole damn concept of a Trump Presidency was to end this madness. Instead, the president was consumed by it and the war marches on…


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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