Peace Not War, Talk Not Tweet

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Another missile launch from the North Korean’s that can finally reach the United States has created quite the ripple effect. Although there isn’t anyone who will admit it, other countries including the United States and Canada have decided they better run missile defense tests as part of their routine military exercises. As they have done for the last hundred years, they stick to the “keep the public in the dark” policy until we absolutely have to let them know we are going to war. Considering it is the age of the internet and Twitter, it might be time to change that policy since the public seems to know before the actual military does.

In all honesty, we are not going to war yet, but signs of caution are springing to attention around the world. The new sanctions on Russia have given them the excuse to move a lot of troops and military equipment to the borders of three N.A.T.O. countries. More troops and tanks than normally used by Russian military on routine exercises raises a few hairs on the back of the neck. North Korea is adding a submarine test to their military exercises and the rest of the world is considering pulling troops from the “war over the sandbox” to come back home. And the only reasonable explanation for calling the troops home, while they are finally making some head way with ISIS, would be tensions are rising for a possible world war looming in the background.

Right now its rhetoric and talk, but as history has taught us, it only takes one insult or miscommunication to start a fight. The way the world has been going with the presidents, prime ministers, dictators and kings, the string holding peace is starting to wear very thin. I may be the only one talking about it but I am definitely not the only one thinking about it. Searches and inquiries on bomb shelters have risen and in some countries; they have actually had increases in orders to have them built. I imagine if the real news was not so engulfed in the stupid tweets from the white house and actually researched retailers, I would not be a surprised if they found that sales on canned items and bottled water have gone up in the past few months and not because of summer.

Unlike the past when we could play ostrich and stick our heads in the sand and try not to face things we do not want to hear, we can no longer do that. This time we need to stand up and be heard before a war breaks out; we can prevent it from happening. Our generation has been loud and has been heard before over many issues. Now if we all come together set the hate and discrimination aside, we can roar. This time we need the world to hear us.

PEACE NOT WAR, TALK NOT TWEET, and PHONE NOT EMAIL.The world may just stand a chance.

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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