Afghanistan Is Endless War. Have We Gone Mad?

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Watching President Trump break another promise and listening to his speech about the war just made me sad. I don’t know any better word to use, it is just sad. This is another major betrayal from the president to the Populist movement that supported him. Sixteen years of war with no victory and nothing to show for it somehow does not seem to bother the people of America. Where are the anti-war protests? Where is the outrage about all of this wasted money, blood, and treasure?

Any rationalization to continue this failed war is just beyond nonsensical, it is utter madness. As far as the president goes, you can count me out as a supporter, but he can win me back. I will not be pulling for his reelection if there is no change, but I won’t be pulling for his failure either. All that is left is to wait and see if any of our movement gets implemented. Trump’s promise to cover everyone with health care and his long held desire to end this ridiculous war and other broken promises have left me wandering in the political desert without a home.

As I watched the first speech he made to the nation since inauguration day, I could not help but notice the president’s tone was weak and off. I have never heard him speak like that before. It sounded like a hostage tape that was barely audible. It was like he didn’t even believe in the words he was reading off the teleprompter. What the hell happens to these presidents that go in there all gang busters about ending the war and land up escalating and continuing the war machine?

When the two biggest war mongers, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, are pleased with the speech, then you know Trump has lost his way. The nationalist president has become a globalist and the Populist agenda is dead. It doesn’t seem to matter what party is in anymore. We just get endless war and a perennial decay of America’s infrastructure. What is done in our name and with our tax money is nothing short of anathematic. In the words of President Trump, SAD.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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