We Are Facing One Mean Dog And It Has Rabies

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We Are Facing One Mean Dog And It Has Rabies

When you taunt a dog long enough, it bites back. North Korea has had sanctions slapped against them for as long as I can remember. Each new person in power of each country slaps new sanctions, harsher sanctions or enforces sanctions already in place. And each year that passes, North Korea finds a way to survive, even when it means the majority of the population lives in the poorest of situations.

Since the division of Korea, the North has always been a military first state; very private unless they want to show rhetoric of military force. But not just private to the outside world but private to even trusted advisers. Like Area 51, Everyone is assigned to a certain section and that’s all they are privy to, making it hard for spies and defectors to share much knowledge on its leaders or military advancements. China may be the only one to know North Korea the best but I don’t think they even know much more than the rest of the world. Yet everyone is looking to China to fix the nuclear problem that we are facing. Somehow I don’t think even they can fix the tensions between the Kim Jong-un and Trump because we all know you can’t fix stupid.

Both Trump and Jong-un were born into privilege and are likened to spoiled alpha dogs fighting for power and respect in the eyes of the world that they feel they are entitled to. Neither one can fathom that respect and power are earned and not just given or inherited. Both can not handle advice that goes against what they want, and like most who are spoiled, they throw a tantrum. Trump fires them, Kim Jong-un shoots them, surrounding themselves with only “yes men.”

Because both leaders have always gotten what they wanted, neither one was taught the lesson that it’s OK to back down, step away or compromise, leading us to the brink of war. Those caught in the middle are the mass casualties of innocent people who will be cast aside by both leaders as an unfortunate side effect of achieving their goals.

The worse of it is the rabid dog waiting in the wings. Putin is the real alpha who is whispering in the ears of both leaders. When both are at their weakest he will attack and end them both. Hiding in the shadow of Cuba, it is suspected that Russia attacked the embassy with what is being called an Acoustic Attack. As far as I am concerned, that is an act of terrorism. But unlike ISIS, which is a terror cell of radicals, it’s not so easy to fight a country like Russia. With Russia being one of North Korea’s sources of income and financial stability, Putin is sitting in a safe zone. What a conundrum to be in. Attack North Korea and Russia will swoop in. Go to war with Russia and Kim Jong-un will definitely launch his nukes. Sanctions do nothing if not every country follows the same sanctions, yet doing nothing leaves the door open for more terror attacks from Russia.

It is time to make allies, not enemies. The name calling, the taunting, and the lies have to stop. Maybe past leaders were onto something; compromising can go a long way even if some find it a weakness. It actually can be the strongest arsenal in the bag.

K. Waters
Writer, Blogger, Mother

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