Republican Party Embarrasses Republicans

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Republican Party Embarrasses Republicans

After, “We’ll repeal Obamacare on day one” and the seven months of total control of the government with no tax cuts, all that is left is shame. The party has been revealed to be a big lie. The governing elites are exposed to be terrible frauds. Those Republicans that love President Trump are just disgusted with the party that he oversees. The leaders do not even seem to care that we see them like this or that we hold them in towering disdain. They simply do not care.

Watching the party go around for seven years claiming they would remove this horrible noose around our collective necks called Obamacare and then when it came time to do it, the big lie is uncovered and brings contempt. The rage that is felt does not seem to matter to our elective leaders. They have their agenda and their agenda is not ours. It does not matter what we feel, they shamelessly carry on with their chicanery.

The people who consider themselves Republican and who could never associate themselves with the other party and their ilk, are left without a political home. The party still hangs on to a conservative ideology that has been proven wrong. There are countless Republicans that want single payer healthcare and have zero voice. There are millions of people from the right that do not want to tear apart America’s safety net. After the 2008 Economic Crash, most people from the right have seen through the lies of the right. There always seems to be money for the banks and giant corporations but never a dime for the people and the money they pay in taxes.

Endless war is what the party stands for. Everything they told the people about what they stood for was unveiled to be not true. The whole thing is a phenomenal embarrassment. The Obamacare repeal vote that failed shows without a shadow of a doubt the party is a freaking lie. They stand in the way of the populist movement that the people voted for without a blink of an eye. This is the gross truth of it all and there is no putting lipstick on this pig. It is time to break apart this two party system; it is killing us. But in the end, it is so embarrassing.


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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