A War With Drugs

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How does one fight the war on illegal drugs if you do not know the history of where it began. It is easy to point the finger to those who smuggle and sell these drugs that have and are killing more people than all the wars put together. But one first must turn to the history of where they originated before you can go after those that are responsible for distributing them to our people.

Illegal drugs are a result of a chemical warfare created by governments around the world that backfired and became an epidemic of epic proportion. Once they released the genie from the bottle they were unable to put it back. So like the government always does, they first deny any responsibility, make a law to make it illegal and when the public becomes aware of their actions, they build rehab centers and convince us they are doing everything possible to help those addicted and catch those responsible.

It is a little hard to punish Hitler and his Dr. Feelgood, Theodore Morell, who are responsible for giving us Pervitin, better know, as Crystal Meth. Morell developed the drug to help Adolf Hitler’s pain and continued on to use it to make Hitler’s “super soldiers”. Over 35 million tablets of the drug were distributed during WWII to the German soldiers making them able to march for days, gaining advantages over their enemies until they would collapse from exhaustion or die from withdrawals. Like all drugs, it made its way to the people and drug addiction in the general population began. Hitler being the biggest Meth head of them all.

Like all wars, other governments need to counter their enemies with super soldiers of their own. The war with drugs began. The Soviet Union went to work and came up with a nice little drug called Benzedrine, know to the general population as “bennies”. Sharing this knowledge with Britain, Canada, and the United States, the tablets were distributed like candy to our soldiers and became part of the field kits. Addiction for our soldiers began. Once again Bennies found their way to general population around the world and the epidemic continued, with the governments being the biggest drug dealers of all.

With funding from governments around the world, scientists continued to work to develop new and more potent drugs outdoing the next and so on. Coming up with cocaine, morphine, and opium-based drugs, some developed to treat pain for medical purposes, but like all drugs, they found their way to the general population.

Realizing what was happening when housewives, husbands, and factory workers became addicted, they decided the drugs should be a controlled substance and formed laws to make the drugs monitored. By this time, addiction was running rampant and forced those addicted to going underground and street dealers were formed.

Being a lucrative business in a time of war and poverty, those who had connections took advantage of the situation and drugs became the wealth of the underground and to this day that genie that was released creates havoc like the gift that keeps on giving. Did they learn from mistakes made? I think not. We now have Fentanyl killing hundreds of people a day, only to find out it is a totally synthetic, man-created drug made in a laboratory. More addicting than plant-based drugs like morphine, cocaine or opium, Fentanyl is a manmade weapon, FDA approved.

So when the governments finally admit they created these monsters, then we just might have a chance to win the war on drugs.


K. Waters

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