Republican Healthcare Hits Generation X Hardest

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You will hear Republican Newspeak, double talk and straight out falsehoods when they describe their own healthcare bill. However, what they are upfront and frank about is the fact the people fifty years old to sixty-four years of age will, in fact, see increases in their cost of healthcare. Maybe we should call it the Generation X Tax?

If you think about it, people sixty-five or older are covered by Medicare. Children are covered with S-Chip, Vets are covered by the VA and poor people are covered by Medicaid. So half the nation is covered with socialized medicine in America. So the only constituency in the other half of the nation that the government can soak is Gen-X.

What is sad personally to me is that it is Gen-X politicians that are pushing this on us along with the Baby Boomers who will destroy all they touch on their way out of their time on Earth. I have long been saddened about how politicians like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio never did speak for their own generation and just echo the Baby Boomer mantra and ideologies. They never developed a voice of their own, a voice for Gen-X.

I have written many words on the subject over the years and is why I call those two men empty suits. They have no original thought. They have nothing to bring to the table that reflects the generation they belong to. They are walking robots and sheeple for what ails our country and our subgroup. They are an embarrassment to everyone who grew up in the 1980s. In fact, they are sellouts to be more accurate. I don’t get any pleasure writing that. I want those two guys to lead our nation in a different direction. I want them to see that the conservative ideology they have spent their lives believing in was wrong and was a failure. I want them to wake up and start speaking for all of us in Gen-X.

However, that will never happen. People like me will have to wait for someone, someday, to come along and really speaks up for Generation X. It is time for Medicare for all. Why do we have to wait for the Millennial Generation to do it? Why do we have to constantly be the foot mat for the Baby Boomers? Is it not our turn to lead?


C. Rich
Author, Blogger, Poet

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